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China Fabriek Spesiale Allooi Hoë Presisie Die Koue Smeed Vlekvrye Staal Gesmede Flense

Grootte: 1/4 "-60"
Material: Stainless Steel;304/316L/904L/17-4PH
Pressure: Class150
Verdraagsaamheid: ± 0.01 mm

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Model: Stainless Steel Forged Flanges
Handelsmerk: RONSCO

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Stainless Steel Forged Flange Can be defined as a metal disc, Installed at the back of a tube valve or any other object. It allows simple fitting and replacement of a piping system.The undergo the forging process where by mechanical, energy is applied to a steel flange, to chage its shape when in a solid stage.

Forged Flange Applications

Forged flanges are used as a connection component for pipes, valves, pumps and other equipment to form a pipework system. They provide easy access for cleaning, inspection, modification or repairs. Flanges are usually welded onto pipes or screwed onto a threaded pipe end and then joined with bolts to make the connection.

Standard Specification for Forged Flanges


ANSI B16.5,16.47 Series A&B MSS SP44,ASA,API-605,AWWA,


1/2, 15NB,TO 48 (1200NB)







Flange face type

Flate face,Raised Face,Ring Type Joint

Gesmede flens

Gesmede staalflens

ANSI B16.5 Forged Flanges

Forged Flange Dimensions

ASME B16.5 Forged Flanges

ANSI B16.5 Class 150 Forged Flanges

Stainless Steel Forged Flanges Suppliers

SS Forged Flanges

ANSI B16.5 Class 150 Forged Flanges Stockholder

ANSI 150 Forged Flanges Distributors

ASTM A182 Stainless Steel Forged Flanges

Duplex Steel Forged Flanges

Super Duplex Steel Forged Flanges

High Nickel Alloy Forged Flanges

Weld Neck Ring Flange (WNRF)

Weld neck flanges are circumferentially welded at the neck where the integrity of the butt welded area can be easily examined by radiography. The bores of both pipe and flange match, which reduces turbulence and erosion inside the pipeline. The weld neck is therefore durable in critical applications.

Slip-On Ring Flange (SORF)

Slip-on flanges are fitted over the pipe and then fillet welded. Slip-on flanges are easy to use in fabricated applications.

Blind Ring Flange (BLRF)

Blind flanges are used to blank off pipelines, valves and pumps. They can also be used as an inspection cover. It is sometimes referred to as a blanking flange.

Socket Weld Ring Flange (SWRF)

Socket weld ring flanges are counter-bored to accept the pipe before being fillet welded. The bore of the pipe and flange are both the same to provide good flow characteristics.

Threaded Ring Flange

Threaded flange are referred to as either threaded or screwed. They are used to connect other threaded components in low pressure, non-critical applications. No welding is required.

Lap Joint Ring Flange (LJRF)

Lap joint flanges are always used with either a stub end or taft which is butt welded to the pipe with the flange loose behind it. This means the stub end or taft always makes the face. A lap joint is used in low pressure applications because it is easily assembled and aligned. To reduce costs, these flanges are supplied without a hub.

Ring Type Joint Flange (RTJF)

Ring type joint flanges are used to ensure a leak proof flange connection at high pressures. A metal ring is compressed into a hexagonal groove on the face of the flange to make the seal. This jointing method can be employed on Weld Neck, Slip-on and Blind Flanges.

ASME16.5 Gesmede Flense Toets Sertifikate:

Vervaardiger Toets Sertifikaat volgens EN 10204/3.1B, Grondstowwe Sertifikaat. 100% Radiografie Toetsverslag. Derdeparty-inspeksieverslae as kliëntspesifikasie.

Ronsco bied produkte van hoë gehalte met derdeparty-inspeksie ook. Die inspeksie-agentskap kan deur kliënte genomineer word.

Waarom Ronsco kies:

1. 22 jaar se vervaardigingservaring

2. Ons bied 'n prysenswaardige reeks vlekvrye staalpype, toebehore, flense met mededingende prys.
3. Aanpasbare, internasionale standaarde
4. Streng toetsproses, kwaliteitsversekering
5. 7*24H Aanlyn diens.
6. Vinnige aflewering: 7-15 dae

Ronsco het vaardige personeel om die kwaliteit van produkte te handhaaf deur die hele vervaardigingsproses van seleksie van grondstowwe tot verwerking, merk, verpakking, berging en vervoer. Ons gesmede staalflens word 100% geïnspekteer voordat dit verpak en versend word, al ons materiaal word volgens internasionale standaarde getoets. Soms aanvaar ons ook Derdeparty-inspeksie wat deur ons kliënte aangestel is.

Verpakking en gestuur:


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