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China Verskaffer Spesiale Staal Nikkellegering Hoë Kwaliteit Inconel 693 (UNS N06693)

INCONEL 693 alloy (UNS N06693) is a new type of alloy that can provide high temperature corrosion resistance that the previous nickel-based alloys did not have. INCONEL 693 alloy is the ability to provide metal dust in all alloys produced in chemical and petrochemical environments.

INCONEL 693 has good resistance to high temperature corrosion; excellent resistance to oxidation, vulcanization, etc.
INCONEL 693 is mainly used in the petrochemical processing industry to produce ammonia, methanol and hydrogen that make up natural gas, such as thermowells, thermocouple liners, pipe sleeves, baffles and valve components, and make up gas product reactors Wait.

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Model: Inconel Alloy 693 / UNS N06693
Handelsmerk: Ronsco

RONSCO Alloy 693 Datasheet 

Inconel Alloy 693/UNS N06693

Materiële inleiding
Inconel 693 (UNS N06693) is a new alloy from Lan Dong. It provides high temperature corrosion resistance that previous nickel-based alloys cannot achieve. Inconel 693 alloy provides the highest resistance to metal dusting in chemical and petrochemical environments in all alloys currently produced. Like its predecessor, Inconle 690, its high chromium content gives it excellent oxidation and vulcanization resistance. However, the addition of 3.1% aluminum to alloy 693 greatly improves the resistance to dusting and other forms of high-temperature corrosion. Alloy 693 is protected by US Patent 4.882.125.
Chemical Composition(%):
inhoud Ni Cr C Mn Si Cu AI Ti P B S Fe


Max 60.5 31 0.15  1.00  0.50  0.50  4.00  1.00 

0.01 6
Fisiese eienskappe:
Standard  ASTM B166-06 Digtheid: 7.77 (g / cm3)

Melting Temperature: 1317-1367 (°C)

Resistivity: 1.168μ (Ω/M)
Hot rolled annealed sheet
Yield strength : 489.5 Mpa

Tensile strength:  882.6 Mpa

Verlenging: 45%

cold drawn annealed pipe 
Opbrengsterkte: 530.9 MPa

Treksterkte: 937.7 Mpa

Verlenging: 42%
Funksie en toepassing

1, It has good high temperature corrosion resistance;
2, Excellent oxidation resistance;
3, Vulcanization properties.

1, Petrochemical processing industry
2, Equipment for the production of synthetic natural gas production of ammonia, methanol and hydrogen, such as thermocouple bushing, thermocouple liners,
3, Pipe casing,
4, Baffle and valve assembly,
5, Syngas product reactors, etc.
Vorms en spesifikasies:
Naatlose pyp/buis:
AMS 5589, AMS 5590
JIS H4552
DIN 17751
GE B50TF14
AMS 5596, AMS 5597
DIN 17750
GE B50TF14
Staaf, smee en ring:
AMS 5662, AMS 5663, AMS 5664
JIS G4901, JIS H4553
DIN 17752
GE B50TF15
B50809D (kragopwekking)
Komponente: ASME Case 2222-1

Kaal sweiselektrodes en -stawe: ASME SFA 5.14

Sweisdraad: AMS 5832

Ander: AFNOR NC 19 Fe Nb,
MSRR 7115 en MSRR 7116

For more information about Inconel 693, Super Alloy 693(UNS N06693) Pipes & Tubes, Sheet & Plates, Round Bars & Rods, Strips & Coils, Forgings Etc, please call + 86 17708476248 of stuur 'n e-pos aan [[e-pos beskerm]]

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