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China vervaardiger spesiale hoë kwaliteit pasgemaakte lugvaart smee

Aerospace forgings generally select materials with high specific strength and specific rigidity, and often use new materials, constantly putting forward new and higher requirements on forging production technology. The application of materials relies on advanced forging technology and also promotes the development of advanced forging technology and equipment. Due to the high strength and low plasticity, larger forging equipment is generally required, lower deformation speed is selected, the deformation temperature control range is narrow, and the process requirements are strict and difficult.

A considerable number of aerospace forgings are used for some key parts, such as high-temperature alloy turbine disks, titanium alloy compressor disks, ultra-high-strength steel main landing gear and aircraft girder and other forgings, which are related to the reliability and life of aircraft and engines. The forging process and quality inspection must be strictly controlled in particular for important parts.

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Model: Aerospace Forging
Handelsmerk: RONSCO

RONSCO Aerospace Forging Parameter Table

Produk Naam Aerospace Forging
Similar Grades 17-4PH / AISI 630 / DIN 1.4542 / UNS S17400 / SAE 630 / JIS SUS630 / 05Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb
materiaal Stainless steel 304 / 304L / 310S / 316L / 316Ti / 316LN / 317L / 904L / 2205 / 2507 / 32760 / 253MA / 254SMo / XM-19 / S31803 / S32750 / S32205 / F50 / F60 / F55 / F60 / F61 / F65 etc
Monel 400 / Monel K-500 
Inconel 600 / Inconel 601 / Inconel 625 / Inconel 617 / Inconel 690 / Inconel 718 / Inconel X-750
Incoloy A-286 / Incoloy 800 / Incoloy 800H / Incoloy 800HT
Incoloy 825 / Incoloy 901 / Incoloy 925 / Incoloy 926
Nimonic 75 / Nimonic 80A / Nimonic 90 / Nimonic 105 / Nimonic C263 / L-605
Hastelloy B / Hastelloy B-2 / Hastelloy B-3 / Hastelloy C / Hastelloy C-276 / Hastelloy C-22
Hastelloy C-4 / Hastelloy C-2000 / Hastelloy G-35 / Hastelloy X / Hastelloy N
PH vlekvrye staal 15-5PH / 17-4PH / 17-7PH 
Vorm Ring, shaft, disc, round plate, customzied special forgings etc.
spesifikasies Op maat
MOQ Pasgemaak, 1 stuk aanvaarbaar
Verpakking Wooden box,  wooden crame/pallet
Lewering tyd  7-35 dae of onderhandeling
QC TUV, BV, ABS, LR ensovoorts
Aansoek  Chemiese, farmaseutiese en bio-mediese, petrochemiese en raffinadery, omgewings-, voedselverwerking, lugvaart, chemiese kunsmis, rioolverwydering, ontsouting, afvalverbranding ens.
betaling T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, Volgens klantvereistes betalings vir vanlyn bestellings.
Vervoer Per lug, per see, per trein, per vragmotor
Sample Vry
waarborg Handelsversekering na-verkope diens

Products Details of Aerospace Forging


Customer case show:Nimonic 263 Forging Ring used in the Aerospace Industry


Production Process and Quality Inspection of Aerospace Forging






Advantages of Ronsco:

The annual output is 20,000 tons.

Good at forging production of high temperature alloy,titanium alloy and other difficult deformation materials.

Provide non-standard equipment design drawings for free.

Many imported international first-class processing equipment.

Rich professional and technical experience.

Provide BV / SGS supervision for the whole production process.

For More Information About 17-4PH Forged Round Bar, please call + 86 17708476248 of Stuur 'n e-pos aan [[e-pos beskerm]]

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